COVID-19-Indigenous Peoples-Lelewal

Lelewal champions the fight against COVID-19 among Indigenous Peoples Indigenous Baka are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. They have very limited access to health care facilities and services. The best way to fight against COVID-19 among them is prevention, and this is exactly what Lelewal is doing by educating them on the proscribed measures by WHO and the Government of Cameroon, providing face masks, hand sanitizers, washing hands buckets, soap, health related materials and food items. Indigenous Baka communities [...]


Culture in conservation

            Using Njengi annual dance to bridge the culture–nature gap. Njengi annual dance of Baka Indigenous Peoples epitomizes the culture–nature relationship that determines how their cultural values and norms frame relationships with the natural forest and create justifications and motivations for conservation. Following Baka forest zoning approach, Njengi forest is the core conservation area (ndandai-eciti), while the other forest spirits such as Kossé, Elimbo, Yeyi, Joboko, Dohdi, Ngaje dwell in the traditional buffer zone called parki-atiaciti. The outermost area [...]