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Clean Water

Water is one of the most affected commodities by the effects of climate change due to high temperatures and prolonged droughts. Water points and sources are disappearing, making it difficult for the Baka and Mbororo indigenous people to access clean water due to the fact that the remaining water points face  scrambling between humans and

Baka Farmers Making a Difference

Baka Pygmies who embrace farming as an alternative livelihood option to the already disappearing traditional hunting and gathering hampered by the impacts of climate change. The Baka Pygmies of Djoum particularly women have embraced farming as a livelihood that is sustainable and profitable with enough food for family and community consumption. The surplus is sold

Education and awareness of indiginous peopl with lelewal

Awareness and Education Lelewal also carry out awareness programs on education particularly adult literacy for indigenous leaders who can read nor write. The organization has supported around twenty indigenous leaders in getting basic education. The organization has been supporting indigenous Mbororo and Baka children particularly the girl child in primary schools, by distributing school materials