Livelihood and Alternative Skill Development

Livelihood and Alternative Skill Development

Lelewal has been actively supporting her communities in the domain of livelihood and Alternative Skills development and in other domains like Tailoring, income generating activities and the valorization of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP). Indigenous peoples in Cameroon are around ninety nine percent nature dependent mainly hunter-gatherer and traditional livestock grazing. The advent of climate change phenomenon has devastated their livelihood and consequently their well-being.

In the main time, the Mbororo community of Ngorin who are mainly Pastoralists have been witnessing changes in their environment with the invasion of strange plants causing the reduction of pastures fields for cattle grazing, drying of streams and rivers, land fragmentation and privatization, creation of large scale commercial farms and ranches, lack of clear policies on Pastoralism thus not taking into consideration, their livelihoods and subsistence systems.

Many of our outings to the field, revealed that the Baka People have very limited sources for their livelihood due to the prevailing situation.

Lelewal in collaboration with the leaders of these communities have created community farms in Djoum for Baka Pygmies and in Ngorin for the Mbororo Pastoralists. Market gardening was also created, with the aim of providing enough food for the families and communities. Cocoa and fruit tree planting will in the long run serve as a poll of income generation for the communities. Lelewal has also provided water for some communities to avert water conflicts between communities and also to reduce child labor. Lelewal also created a tailoring workshop in Djoum to train women in dress making

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